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Boys & Girls Club Programs


 Our Education program is a very flexible program. This program covers the same subjects as what the kids learn in school. The club just adds their own twist to help members get more than what school offers while still having fun. The focus of education is based on the needs of the age group. For example if the 6-9 age group is having problems reading then the 6-9 year olds will spend their education rotation reading. While the 10-12 age group may spend their time working in multiplication. Members also get to discuss current events. Education will also spend time in discussions that are guided by the members. We are also very excited to announce that the club has added a library to their education program!

Health and Physical Education

 This program is set up to promote healthy lifestyles. This program also sets up and runs physical education clinics with various organizations in our community. Members take part in tournaments and different games in the gym and outside.

Social Recreation

 Social Recreation is a program that the kids hate to leave because of how much fun they are having. They learn about building friendships. In social rec members learn about teamwork through the game consuls, pool table, ping pong, foosball, and other similar activities. The game room motto is “ You determine you.”


 The teen program put on midnight madness on Friday nights to help provide teens with a safe place to spend Friday nights from 7:00 PM until midnight. Our teen program is set up to help guide our teens through the process of becoming successful members of society. One program our teens are currently doing is taking control of their club. Our teens are great helpers and help the staff with various parts of making the club run.